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Hey there, and welcome to furrytf.club! This is a Mastodon instance that's themed after furry transformation and all things related to it. It's also hooked up to the yiff.social relay, so you'll have easy access to a wide community of furries here!

Mastodos and Mastodont's

You can find the full set of rules for this instance, as well as any service I run, at this link: Click me daddy! owo
A list of instances that have been blocked from federating with furrytf.club can also be found here: Ooo, click me too!
Here's a short summary of the rules, in case you're not feeling like reading the document:

  1. Don't discriminate. Nazis and TERFs, among other hate groups, aren't allowed because they discriminate en masse.
  2. Don't post personal information. Just don't.
  3. If it's sensitive or NSFW, put a content warning over it.
  4. You can fuckin' swear if you want to. Don't be ableist though.
  5. Don't attempt to circumvent blocks.
  6. Don't hack this server. Don't use this server to help hack other servers.
  7. Don't sign up if you're under 13.
  8. Don't look at NSFW stuff if you're under 18.
  9. No pedophilia. Nothing that looks like that pedophilia, either.
  10. No corporate advertising or data harvesting.
  11. You can have a bot, but be respectful, don't hide that it's a bot, and don't have it interact with anyone who hasn't interacted with it first.
  12. Don't be a dick.

Note that, while these do summarize the rules, if there is a conflict between this summary and the full set of rules, the full set of rules is considered correct.