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When Star Trek: TNG was new, I always misunderstood the name for the party of people beaming down to the surface. I thought it was called the O/A team.

The earth was flat once. But I tuned it, though, so it's okay now. If you really still think it's flat, just take a tuner to it and see for yourself

is there any way to disable gif avatars because i'm getting a headache seeing some of the more rumble-y ones

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ah, it seems like it was just a local oddity, for some reason my local DNS decided the media server should redirect to my personal site

alright, so now to figure out why images are borked!

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Take me down to Redundancy City, where the city is redundant and repeats itself, really

take me down to the TF city where your form is temp and everyone's shifting

I'm trans and mixed race so my blood is a trans fusion

if you get my blood it's a trans fusion transfusion

Especially if you get it in the back of a Ford Fusion that has parts of a Trans Am, then it's a Trans Fusion trans fusion transfusion

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53 years ago a man named bowl was bitten by a radioactive football

So what's this about a "superb owl"? I know owls are excellent, but are we talking about just one owl, or all of them?

As a bit of a TF fanatic, I'm not really too much for international conflicts. Why, might you ask? Well, it's simple; war never changes.

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The Furry TF Club's a place for furry TF fans to hang out and talk about anything. You don't have to be a furry TF fan to be here, just don't mind if you look a little different afterwards~ ;)