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I kinda feel like coming up with another ARG of sorts. I know I did a small one of sorts before on my birdsite account and it wasn't too popular, I wonder if the fediverse might be more interested?

Look, magic is this:
- Focused willpower/desire
powered by
- energy
leading to
- manifestation

That. is. it. That is what it all comes down to. You can get into lots of specifics of how to get that energy, techniques for mental focus, window dressing that feels satisfying. ~Aesthetic~

**IF you want it**
**IF that's how you roll**

But it's not a requirement.

Magic is everyone's birthright. You can skip the ancient Greeks and the self-appointed sages. You don't need a book.

You are enough.

(This has mostly been a PSA from current Ash to Past and Future Ash.)

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Gosh darn it, now every time I see the word teeth, I can't help but think about that ad posted on the fediverse a while ago with that text that said "70,000 TEETH, CAN'T BE WRONG"

Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

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Sometimes when I see I've grown a little bit of a beard, I grow a little worried that my having it might invalidate my gender identity somehow, like I can only be male if I have one.

Then I shrug, remember that a silly beard can't and won't stop me from being female if I want to be female, that the only reason it isn't shaved off is because I'm too lazy to do so, and continue on with my life.

And then I shave it off a day or two later because beards are kinda annoying for me ._.

Soooo the only stores I know of nearby that carry AAAA batteries are closed right now, and after checking the two only likely stores I know of to carry them they didn't have any, either.

So RIP me I guess. x.x

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Ughhhhhh and just as I was about to get to drawing, my pen decides it doesn't want to do the work today.
Maybe the battery maybe finally needs replacement? AAAA batteries are more expensive than normal batteries though :\

So I wound up getting some DVDs that seemed up to the job and did a test print with a random minimalist desktop background (Lucario seemed like a good choice :p) and... It seems to look pretty decent! It was just a teensy bit off-center, and the colors look a tad grainy if you look closely, but I'm not gonna dock it any points for those, it's not like I'm printing on premium photo printer or anything :P Time to bust out my drawing tablet and try something a little more... ambitious~



What do we want?


When do we want it?


So I got this new printer and it appears to have a special mode where it can print labels directly onto DVDs without having to stick a label on there first.

Halfway tempted to pick some DVDs up and try it, although I haven't gotten the LabelFlash/[email protected] DVD drive I have set up yet (mostly because apparently BOTH of the computers in my near vicinity have cases that lack the bays to put it in :V)

But honestly I just mostly have... particular ideas for labels that I'd want to use. :P

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complete alt-text since it glitched somehow: "a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of that picture that says 'You Wouldn't Steal a Toot'"

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