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new posters and old: have you considered following Alt Text Reminder? @alt_text

its a bot made by my pal @soft_chomps that reminds me when i get so excited to post i forget alt text for my images. it dms me quietly and doesn't sound pushy at all about it too!

if you're having a hard time adjusting to the format of posting here, this can help - and honestly it helped me just now, months in, so i still need it!

either way i hope you have a good time here! love, sleepy opo :ms_opossum: 💚

Once I get home I should adjust the shading and lining on my sona pic so i'm an inflatable >~>

also completely out of nowhere two fire trucks showed up at my workplace and i have no idea why since absolutely nothing is going on and the fire alarm panel isn't showing anything weird??

oh my gosh so I just realized
today is the 6th of december, 2018

(and yes this is a valid way to write the date)

you know what's really nice? sincerity. im tired of being in other places and having everything anyone says be couched behind a brand or a veil of ironic joking. i really appreciate that about mastodon's culture - the capacity for people here to just be sincere with each other. i hope the new folks can feel that as well

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If the 151st Pokémon followed you back on here they’re your mewtual.

Alright, is now a working alternate domain for! ^~^

That means you can also use it in place of in your username if you'd like (i.e. (AT)frinkeldoodle(AT) instead of (AT)frinkeldoodle(AT)

okay yeah after reading the docs on how federation works and the different issues and innerworkings, i'm 99% sure i'll plunge my server into eternal darkness if i choose to try to change the primary domain. I'll make an alternate domain, though! :P

Hmm... so I realized I really missed out an opportunity to have a great instance name: But, I wonder if it's possible to change an instance's primary domain by setting the original domain as an alternate domain...

This relationship is such a one way street, idk if I can keep it up. All I’m saying is it’d be nice if my dog pet me back every once in a while ya know?

do you know how many monkeys have been seriously injured because of you??? every week you come into my clinic and you say "hey another one of my monkeys fell off the bed" and every time i tell you "no more monkeys jumping on the bed". this isn't JUST A FUCKING SUGGESTION!! STOP LETTING THE GODDAMN MONKEYS JUMP ON THE BED. I'M SO TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT. A MONKEY IS GONNA DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR CARELESSNESS AND I WILL BE FIRST IN LINE TO TESTIFY AGAINST YOU

i want to make a bash script that interactively puts together a Mastodon instance and call it so when people talk about it they would say "this is ITchief" send toot

Regular back:
> will hurt eventually
> boring
> stupid bones
Backstreet's back:
> alright

i should probably collate a list of things that i can't touch in the plesk UI or else my setup will break and i'll have to reconfigure everything in a rush to minimize downtime
so far, i've got:
- any container settings in the docker plugin
- any nginx or apache hosting setting that isn't made in the "Custom Directives" section
wonder what i'll run into next!

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The Furry TF Club's a place for furry TF fans to hang out and talk about anything. You don't have to be a furry TF fan to be here, just don't mind if you look a little different afterwards~ ;)