@zac i know, I'm looking at it right now and I have absolutely no idea how to react or respond to this

@zac wait what, this sounds like a shitpost but it's actually legit?

so tonight they're gonna do the RAM upgrade for my server, after this i'm gonna have 16 more gigs of RAM to work with, yeeee

That all being said the server's gonna go down at some point tonight out of nowhere so be prepared for that

side hobby: reading posts that describe doing a particular action on the fediverse, then doing that exact action

@LargeNovelty Sure I know how to take care of my eyes, I... uh... ...blink often? And I don't pour hot sauce into them

Oh, and since it should be functional now, my XMPP is [email protected], feel free to add me! ^~^ You can also make an account on it if you’d like as well, although dunno how well it will or won’t work xD

@pinkprius There's something wrong when people unable to afford the basic necessities are made to pay taxes they also can't afford, and multi-million dollar companies aren't given any.

I'm thinking about having a few bots added that would automatically repost TF pics I like from different websites, and maybe one that clones posts from birdsite (after I manually review them). Does that sound like a good idea, or would it just be considered clutter?

@lynnesbian I vote Yes on A, make me a cute cartoony bug girl

@changelingsnowleopard Whatever you'd like! As long as it follows the rules, to be more specific (which basically boils down to don't be a butthead to people and don't do illegal stuff :p)

@BestGirlGrace Seems like potential buyers are giving them the cold shoulder.

@Kaffe Welcome to American Truck Simulator! You get 6% of the US.

@radicalrobit honestly, i prefer delivering cold water to dehydrated babies, but he can do what he wants, it's a free country and all

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