Oh and there's two faxes I got and forgot to post about, so here we go

@BestGirlGrace could they have possibly made her any thinner than they did

@Gargron What's with all of these app stores and whatnot suddenly turning into hard-line "family friendly values only" type places?

@lynnesbian I know right? I'm so glad that I'm never gonna have to worry about data throttling or anything of the sort here, this is truly the free internet.

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the thing i like about the fediverse is how it's decentralised so no single company can exert massive power over the internet :)

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@BestGirlGrace @lynnesbian you got a point there, everything that's had "power" in the name has been great, like, uh... the powerglove

@lynnesbian and it runs on the powerpc architecture, right?

@mawr Tbh I feel like cutie.town should be a list of all of the instances in the fediverse, because everyone here is such a cutie omg

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if anyone needed any proof that apple sucks, the ipad at my work that's configured and set up to run just one single, solitary application went into a bootloop out of absolutely nowhere in the middle of the day and needs to be replaced lol

hey guys! I made a new instance for shitposters, by shitposters! It's call nuttchur.ch and you can join by inv- aaaand I've just deleted it

@nuttgodd I was thinking of spinning up my own shitposting instance, but the thought deleted itself from my head before I even saw it

@lynnesbian @DangerDyke I mean, systems can be down for a while, my fluffy butt inadvertently took my server off the net for a week trying to do some convoluted thing with it

Humbo Bumbo has a sonic bundle going on right now so if you wanted to pay 15 bucks for sonic forces now is the time


@Duende tbh at least half of the mashups Neil has made is the gold standard of mashups

@spookcentral Wait you're kidding, right? Please tell me you're joking

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