Also, off-topic, just take a look at this chair

You can tell it's a chair for gamers because they put a GAMER related magazine in the chair

And there's a plastic thing that can hold your GAMER headphones
And a GAMER USB port


so when I installed Nextcloud onto my server, I realized that there was a little something... missing from it.

Yeah I just fixed that.

so I'm filing through @Sir_Boops 's gigantic tumblr repository he made public and

i believe i've rediscovered the greatest deal in the universe

also since I didn't use spotify in 2017 it got really confused when trying to calculate how much more i used it this year lol

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Getting sidetracked for just one moment, this describes how I feel when I generate a certificate authority, and then import it into my trusted root certificates

i regret to inform everyone that my playthrough of pokemon let's go eevee will be discontinued effective immediately, i can't ruin this

useful pokemon: 5 pokeballs
cute pokemon: 3 pokeballs
pidgeys: 19 pokeballs
both useful and cute: 2 pokeballs

someone who's good with pokeball management help, i'm having trouble catching them all

*checks her email*
Okay, this better tell me how to turn people into anthro furs over the Internet or I'm gonna be disappointed

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I took a picture of this a while ago and forgot to upload it, so I'm righting my wrongs

Well, I found something to do with my free time today ^^"

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aaand there! I made it work, and I think it looks alright :P

Also, it's kinda scary how easy it is to just slip a spot for ads right into the web UI, it's no wonder you wind up with people trying to be scummy and toss actual paid ads and data harvesting junk into Mastodon

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