So since sleep is a crutch, I'm still up at 4 A.M. and drew up a quick sketch of what a Frinkel dracoon would look like instead of trying to focus on sleep

Credit to @Lumb for the specific personality concept and @Nikon for planting the thought of being a dracoon in my head for quite a while now!

well I couldn't really turn people into raccoons but I did try turning myself into a more realistic raccoon and


(image is somewhere in uncanny valley)

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mom told me i couldn't use that cool image with the guy with the sword, but she didn't say i couldn't use a text version of it :)


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Also I figured, while I'm changing my password manager, figured I'd switch to Vivaldi and I'd actually start using the only correct choice for a search engine @lynnesbian

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So I wound up getting some DVDs that seemed up to the job and did a test print with a random minimalist desktop background (Lucario seemed like a good choice :p) and... It seems to look pretty decent! It was just a teensy bit off-center, and the colors look a tad grainy if you look closely, but I'm not gonna dock it any points for those, it's not like I'm printing on premium photo printer or anything :P Time to bust out my drawing tablet and try something a little more... ambitious~


Gee, I wonder what Silvagunner's uploaded recently!

*sees this*

...I'm suing Youtube. Who wants to join me

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Hmm, I wonder when Finny, Rascal, and the status page servers restarted, looking at the API response charts...

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