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@BestGirlGrace A WHAT TF book? Michelle Obama TF? Grace, you've broken my mind with this toot xD

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*checks her email*
Okay, this better tell me how to turn people into anthro furs over the Internet or I'm gonna be disappointed

so tonight they're gonna do the RAM upgrade for my server, after this i'm gonna have 16 more gigs of RAM to work with, yeeee

That all being said the server's gonna go down at some point tonight out of nowhere so be prepared for that

side hobby: reading posts that describe doing a particular action on the fediverse, then doing that exact action

Oh, and since it should be functional now, my XMPP is [email protected], feel free to add me! ^~^ You can also make an account on it if you’d like as well, although dunno how well it will or won’t work xD

I'm thinking about having a few bots added that would automatically repost TF pics I like from different websites, and maybe one that clones posts from birdsite (after I manually review them). Does that sound like a good idea, or would it just be considered clutter?

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So... I guess all it takes for my head to come up with halfway decent solutions is to get to the point of where i start beating myself up for being a failure, interesting.

On that note, I should get to bed. Goodnight all

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I wonder if all of this trouble has anything to do with the fact that I have Nginx running on a separate VM. Let's see if anything gets easier if I move the nginx server to the same VM.

Honestly it'd give me more RAM to work with, so maybe that's for the best.

Things will be going down a bit as I move everything around ^^

As night begins to fall and the snowstorm falls, it suddenly dawns on me that I have had yet to figure out a plan for dinner.

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Jesus Christ I have metric people correcting me and asking for additional changes WHEN WILL IT END YOU ANIMALS

Sorry for that hiccup! I have the servers set up to update and restart automatically once a week at 4 AM on Tuesday, and, in my brilliance, I somehow forgot to tell the database server to actually start the database on startup .-.

you don't have to boop my snoot tonight 🎶

Are you a Twitter refugee that misses the look and feel of Twitter? Well, head down to because I have software installed there that really makes you feel like you're on Twitter, without the nazis, terfs, or bad moderation ;p

But yeah I installed Halcyon and it's at that link so have fun

Since this is a hashtag going around and it's fun posting thoughts

I when I did because I'm afraid of losing contact to all of my friends because of a frequently-abused automated moderation system, and worrying about followers all the time gives me massive anxiety

renewing my anti-cancellation software license

Fair warning: EVERYTHING is going to be going down for a little bit! I'm moving the Postgresql server!

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