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*checks her email*
Okay, this better tell me how to turn people into anthro furs over the Internet or I'm gonna be disappointed

Oh and there's two faxes I got and forgot to post about, so here we go

the thing i like about the fediverse is how it's decentralised so no single company can exert massive power over the internet :)

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if anyone needed any proof that apple sucks, the ipad at my work that's configured and set up to run just one single, solitary application went into a bootloop out of absolutely nowhere in the middle of the day and needs to be replaced lol

hey guys! I made a new instance for shitposters, by shitposters! It's call and you can join by inv- aaaand I've just deleted it

Humbo Bumbo has a sonic bundle going on right now so if you wanted to pay 15 bucks for sonic forces now is the time

also i wonder if there'd be any race condition issues if i had each front end run its own copy of redis. i wouldn't think there would be, right?

my next big thing on my to-do list is to have each server run a hot backup of the master database. i feel like this will vastly improve speed, since all reads could be done locally once i do that, instead of having to pull from one central database for reads and writes.

only problem is, i haven't done a configuration like that before. then again, i haven't ever done anything that's been redundant until now. x3

Woo, now I've got redundant frontends! ^~^
One's located in the eastern US and the other's located in Germany, and I have the load balancer set up so you should be sent to the one with the lowest ping automatically. :3

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does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose Show more

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Aaand done re-migrating the database to its independent server! This time, without Docker or the chance that it may spontaneously decide to stop working for me and delete the entirety of its contents if I sneeze on it wrong 8D

Okay! So time to redo up that whole independent PostgreSQL server setup again, this time without trying to fool around with some dumb Docker configuration or hoping that someone else's pre-built image is going to work.

That being said, yeah. That happened. I guess I've learned a valuable lesson about thoroughly combing over any pre-made VM instance's settings before spinning it up.

Okay! So I apologize, but we've lost a day's worth of data. Reason being that I relied far too heavily on the PostgreSQL server I spun up not being 100% volatile and deleting EVERYTHING once I choose to restart it. x.x

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Imagine my disappointment when I heard that Influencers were coming to Mastodon and it turned out it wasn't some kind of hypno domme thing.

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