Do not worry about the increases in awoos this weekend, it's just a full moon

I'm usually different in the fact I can't stand bacon on a lot of things but whatever bacon was on that Digiorno pizza I ate was great

Today I just wanna lie down and be a big soff bed

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pros: good ponytail, cool sword

cons: does not understand mahjong

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The T in Trizzy² stands for towering

...above the earth and others~

Oh my gosh Forza Motorsport online is worse than usual, I can't even get to the first corner on any track without being punted :ms_concern:

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I just realized the thick thighs to giant tail on Mewtwo is a big aesthetic for me -w-

I have no idea why I have just the Madden 64 boxart on my phone just shh

Jay Jay the Jet Plane is about 300% more a bit disturbing when I look at it now

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im the werewolf that just wants to howl at the moon and beat people up left confused on where to go with my life because everyones horny for werewolves now

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Why do I keep seeing Ohio erasure on the fed? I was born there and am curious as to why people would rather want Ohio to not exist

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I suppose Roy is definitely NOT my boy considering I failed to unlock him about 6 times

@frinkeldoodle just called me the Gordon Ramsey of air traffic controllers and I guess I'll take this as a compliment

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